Saturday, August 29, 2015

august 30, 2015

hello bloggies.. it's been a long time we dont see each other.
today, im unofficially a teacher, a maths teacher (alhamdulillah) since last march.
got so much stuff to share.. stay tune bloggies.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Lei it go Let it go.

bila masa orang treat kita macam kita tidak wujud, biarkan.
bila masa orang melalak masa kita tengah rehatkan badan, biarkan.
bila masa orang kedekut taik hidung masin meminta-minta yang lain, biarkan.
bila masa orang memberi kutukan terhadap kurniaan Allah, biarkan.
bila masa orang selfish dan ambil hak kita, biarkan.
bila masa orang tidak ingat kita masa diorang senang dan mencari bila susah, biarkan.

tapi sampai bila?


insan lemah.
orang pijak-pijak.


tapi masih banyak lagi hal yang lebih penting menunggu.

kerana Allah knows the best.

mana tahu, ada sesuatu ganjaran daripadaNya menanti walaupon bukan daripada manusia-manusia pada hari-hari kita.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Cakap lagi

Think before you speak.  Pernah ke orang tu terasa dengan ape yang kita cakap?  Kalo orang kata kat kita  macam tu,  bagaimana? Lain lah kalau sememangnya tidak ada perasaan. Untung orang macam ni.  Tak ada makna nak touching - touching bagai kan.  I salute lah kat you. But please check balik apa yang kita kurang dalam hidup kita ni. Ada mungkin sebab hubungan kita dengan manusia tidak sebaik hubungan kita dengan Allah?  Tepuk dada tanya iman,  audit akhlak kita  :-)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Dear human including me,
I know life ain't easy if we just think it is not. Be matured. Take everything dat just happen as a lesson. It just a tiny, little thing we call life that I know we can really handle it the best we can.

Put a smile as make-up on your face. So no one realize the pain in your heart. One more thing, this secret of pain should never be told to everyone, what I mean is, when you let everyone knows wat has
happened, people will think about the bad side of yours even you are the victim. People (not all) are actually dont really want to listen your heart problem. They pretend to care, to make you believe in them. But they can spread the 'love' and their 'caring' to anyone at anytime. So then people around would judge you the way they want.

Let me tell u about a story of one of my close friend. She faced a big problem, but she is such an optimistic person. A problem of jelousy by a no longer friend that could never be told. But she can really handle it even I know how big the pain she had faced. But she depended on her family and only her trustworthy friends. As a human being, if I were in her shoes, I could never imagine how i'm going to live in this world.

That's why we have to believe in Allah, the creator of this universe. He holds our heart and our soul. We have to depend on Him everytime. Not only in our worse time , but also in our sky high. Please Him, not human. Because Allah always love you..

Always pray and please Him to make u be a better person.