Tuesday, January 31, 2012

trolling my face like a....

while everyone else busy doing their early morning cores, watering flowers, jogging, scolding little children ( teachers i guess),

i'm just doing a pensive face, because no one at home! my dad is working as ussual. and my mom got a new job - well actually since i was born, my mom is a full time housewife.
guess wut, she's now working in my lil sister's kindergaten as an assistant. hew hew. so good. so she'll not so boring macam i am sekarang kat umah, as no one home this year because my sister have turned 5.

my daily routine in this-so-boooringggg holiday is just this 3 basic things .

haha, guess wut i dunno wut to do. please myself help my own self being a deligent one so that this holiday is not just a holiday ! (oh lupe aku kene blajar memasak)

i have 3 weeks to go before the next semester.

p/s; dah seminggu demam thats why tak buat pape ternak lemak aje :/