Tuesday, January 31, 2012

trolling my face like a....

while everyone else busy doing their early morning cores, watering flowers, jogging, scolding little children ( teachers i guess),

i'm just doing a pensive face, because no one at home! my dad is working as ussual. and my mom got a new job - well actually since i was born, my mom is a full time housewife.
guess wut, she's now working in my lil sister's kindergaten as an assistant. hew hew. so good. so she'll not so boring macam i am sekarang kat umah, as no one home this year because my sister have turned 5.

my daily routine in this-so-boooringggg holiday is just this 3 basic things .

haha, guess wut i dunno wut to do. please myself help my own self being a deligent one so that this holiday is not just a holiday ! (oh lupe aku kene blajar memasak)

i have 3 weeks to go before the next semester.

p/s; dah seminggu demam thats why tak buat pape ternak lemak aje :/


anum_ZEA said...

oo.msti boring an..
blaja masak la rah..
tgk resepi kat tenet je sng..
ak pon tringin nk blaja msk gak ni,,tp ntah bile la agop2 uh..haha

aneep said...

mlas la tuu. nk masok pon kne ade brg. hailahh

anum_ZEA said...

alolo..duet elaun an ad..
gne la wat beli kakah2 cket..hoho
xpon,,mtop jah sponsor ng yg dipertua rumoh sdri..hihi