Sunday, July 10, 2011

teen Top, supa LUV

They kinda have weirdO hair color styles-but not bad;
i'm addicted to them! haha;
well see this,

Cute Chunji! He's 17. And he's not even the youngest of the group.

Lip touching. so HOT! He looks so attractive doing this.

2, 3 times..haha; gonna make girls cair beb,
but he's a kid to me la.LOL

this belongs to L.Joe, 18.
Luv his pink hair!!
and hell yeah,he's my supaLUV.haha

He does the lip touching, too! (Well, they all do in one part, together... )

The ending of the video... Back to beginning! !!!

shoulder move!haha

L.JOE! come to noona :)

"Yeah, See what I'm tryin'a say baby
Is, your love, plus my love, Supa Luv
You know you want it, how that sound? hahahaha"


cheq asma said...

hehe..nice dear! i'm anticipating more from u :)